Keep your Engine Running with our Auto Services in Worcester

Your Local Garage for Auto Services

As your local car garage in Worcester, Lowes Garage Service provides a range of services for any type of vehicle. Whether you opt for our lubrication service to keep your engine running smoothly, or you treat your vehicle to a full service, our team of experts are here to make sure your vehicle is kept in perfect condition, at very reasonable prices.

Efficient and Affordable Car Servicing in Worcester

Whatever make or model of car you own, we can service it for you in our local garage.

Our mechanics have a great deal of experience with a wide variety of vehicles, and their product knowledge is second to none. From tyre and oil changes, all the way up to full services covering every major component, we can take care of all your needs as far as car servicing in Worcester is concerned.

Our team of mechanics is the equal of any team you will find at major dealers across the United Kingdom; the only difference between them and us is the cost of the services we provide:
Lowes Garage prices are among the most competitive you will find anywhere in the UK. Contact us today to see.

Lubrication Service

Prices from £75

Oil & filter change

Air filter check & replacement if necessary

All levels check

Turn off service indicator

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Intermediate Service

Prices from £125

General vehicle check

Oil & filter change

Air filter check & replacement if necessary

Lights, tyres, battery check

Levels topped up

Turn off service indicator

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Full Service

Prices from £160

General vehicle check

Air filter check & replacement if necessary

Spark plugs check & replacement if necessary

All levels check: gearbox oil, anti-freeze etc.

Light fittings and bulbs check

Seat belts check

Brake test

Emissions test

Hinge & lock lubrication

Tyre pressure check

Engine flush

Fuel treatment

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A Modern Car Service in Worcester You Will Appreciate

At Lowes Garage Service, we offer our customers a winning combination of new technology and old–fashioned values: we can diagnose faults in your modern car engine using the data stored in the ECU and at the same time, provide you with a level of customer service you may have thought no longer existed.

If you want the best value possible from your local car mechanics but you are not willing to make any sacrifices as far as the quality of service you receive is concerned, call Lowes today and let us know what we can do for you.

We do, of course, service cars of all vintages. If you are driving an older model that needs a little love and attention, we invite you to call or visit us whenever convenient.



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Extend Your Vehicle’s Lifespan with Routine Car Servicing in Worcester

Most industry specialists recommend taking your car to a qualified mechanic for servicing at least once a year. However, we advise having your car serviced at least every 10,000 miles to keep it in optimal condition. Time and usage will cause your vehicle’s components to degrade, and when some parts start to wear, they can have adverse effects on other elements of your car. Fortunately, we have the required skills, experience and training to ensure your vehicle remains in full worker order, potentially adding years to its lifespan in the process. What makes car servicing in Worcester even more high-value is the fact that we can catch and repair small problems before they exacerbate and becoming increasingly costly to repair in the process. Find out how a car service can help you save money by calling us today.

Exactly How Much Does Car Servicing Cost in Worcester?

If you visit a main dealer, you may be shocked at the prices you are quoted – for anything from an oil change to a full service. But if you come to Lowes Garage in Venture Business Park, we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable our rates are.

For a firm price, please feel free to call and speak to a Lowes Garage team member during business hours or just drop in whenever you are in the area.