The modern motor vehicle is indeed a complex machine, with literally thousands of components that all play an essential role, and in order to keep the car in good working order, regular maintenance is essential.

At Lowes Garage, we have all the necessary equipment and a skilled workforce who are experienced and qualified to work on all makes of vehicles, and for those who would like to know about the various tasks to be carried out during a servicing, here is a guide to basic vehicle maintenance.

The Engine

The engine is the power unit that drives the car, and therefore, must be serviced at specified intervals, which are determined by the vehicle mileage, and the first thing to do is change the engine oil. The grade of oil would be specified in the owner’s manual, and you should only use the recommended grade of engine oil as specified by the manufacturer. The oil filter must also be changed, as this collects minute particles of metal and filters these from the oil as it passes through the system, and as a general rule, you should replace the oil filter every time you change the oil. There is also an air filter, which prevents dirt and dust from entering the carburation system, and this filter should either be cleaned or if it is one that is not reusable, it should be replaced.

Coolants and Fluids

Every engine must have a cooling system, which is typically water based, and the radiator sits at the very front of the engine compartment. In the UK, engine coolant should be a mixture of water and antifreeze – which prevents the water from freezing – which is a real danger in sub-zero temperatures. The braking system also uses a special fluid to power the servo-assisted brakes and this should be checked every time the vehicle is serviced. Power steering is a common feature on modern cars and the fluid level needs to be inspected also.


The tyres are critical for safety and should be inspected regularly for wear and signs of damage. Always ensure that the correct inflation pressures are used (this information is in the owner’s manual). To ensure even wear on all tyres, the wheels should be regularly swopped from front to back and left to right, and if you notice excessive wear on a portion of the tyre tread, this means the wheels are misaligned, and at Lowes Garage, we have all the necessary equipment to align wheels correctly.

Pre MOT Testing

If your car is due to be MOT tested, we at Lowes Garage are experts at inspecting vehicles to determine roadworthiness, and we are also experts at fitting towbars, should you decide to add this popular feature, and with our team of time served technicians, you can be sure of the very best attention and at affordable prices too.

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