Flat tyres or punctures are inconvenient, as you can almost guarantee that they will occur when you most need to get to your intended destination with minimal time to spare.

Luckily, replacing tyres with a spare wheel is an easy process that doesn’t require the attendance of a breakdown firm, as long as you have an appropriate spare wheel in the boot of your car. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to change a flat tyre.

Check You Have the Appropriate Tools

The first thing you should do when buying a car that is new to you is check the boot for a spare wheel. Whether a space saver or a full-sized spare; they are usually located just underneath the floor of your boot and can be easily accessed as necessary.

In addition, you will require;

  • A serviceable vehicle jack for elevating your vehicle.
  • A wheel wrench or wheel brace for removing and tightening your wheel nuts.
  • A locking wheel nut adapter if there are security bolts fitted to your wheels.

It is also a good idea to carry a hi-visibility vest in your vehicle as well as a warning triangle in case you breakdown in a busy or potentially dangerous location.

Step One: Move to Somewhere Safe

If possible and if safe to do so, you should always attempt to move your vehicle to a location which isn’t directly in the path of traffic. A flat tyre should not be replaced on the hard shoulder of a motorway so in these instances, stand well away from the vehicle and call a recovery firm.

Step Two: Jack Up Your Vehicle

Once safe to do so, you can use your vehicles jack to elevate the corner of the vehicle that has experienced the puncture. Do ensure that you only use the jack on firm and level ground to reduce the possibility of any accidents.

We find that it helps to loosen each wheel nut slightly whilst the vehicle is on the ground to prevent the wheel from spinning once in the air.

Step Three: Remove the Wheel

Using your vehicles wheel brace, you can now proceed to further loosen each wheel nut. Once loosened sufficiently, you can then remove them by hand, being careful not to lose them. If a locking nut is present, use your adapter by attaching it to your wheel brace to remove it.

Step Four: Replace the Wheel with Your Spare

With the spare wheel to hand, you can then fit it to your vehicle using the original wheel nuts and the locking wheel nut you have removed.

Once tight, you can then lower the vehicle back onto the ground and tighten each nut further with the leverage of the wheel brace and your bodyweight.

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