When winter is on the way, many of us carry out checks on our cars, from the tyres to fluid levels, but many of us don’t think about how the hot weather might affect our cars. While Worcester often suffers from the unpredictable British weather, there are heatwaves forecast for this year, so it’s important to make sure your car is ready.

Here are a few simple checks to keep you comfortable and safe while you drive.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is essential on the hottest days, especially when you drive round the major Worcester roads such as the M5 and A449 and might not be able to open your windows. However, many people don’t check their air conditioning until it’s already hot, and you then have to wait until you can get a re-gas. Consider getting your system re-gassed every two years, or when you get your MOT, as this will ensure you stay cool. Your system loses about 10% of its cooling power every year, so if it’s not cooling properly, simply take it to a garage.

Check fluid levels

There are a few fluids you should check regularly, but especially around the summer months:

Coolant – a hot day plus a hot engine is a bad combination, so ensure you’re topped up

Brake fluid – hot weather can mean slippery roads, so brakes need to work at their best

Screen wash – from dead insects to dry mud, you’ll need to regularly clean your windscreen

Oil – it’s important to protect your engine on hot days, so check your oil

Check your extras and fittings

From your spare tyre to your toolkit, make sure your car is stocked for summer journeys. Flat tyres can often happen during the summer months, whether from debris on the road or wear and tear. If you’re planning a long trip, make sure your towbars and other extras have been property fitted, keeping your car safe on motorways and major roads.

Inspect your tyres

While most of us check our tyres when a big freeze is coming up, many people don’t realise that the roads can also be dangerous during a heatwave. The extra heat can lead to a greasy road texture, meaning braking distances can be increased. Check your tread, tyre pressure, and tracking to ensure that they’re in top condition. If you had winter tyres fitted, don’t forget to get them changed over once the weather warms up. Winter tyres are inefficient during the summer months, can damage the roads, and don’t offer good braking.

Pack sunscreen and water

Most car windscreens have UV protection, but many people don’t realise that side and rear windows do not. On long journeys, you should wear sunscreen and make sure kids are protected by a window shade. Finally, pack bottled water for long journeys in case you get stuck in traffic.

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