With the summer heatwave fresh in our minds, winter still feels far away, but we all know how quickly the British weather can change. That’s why it’s worth getting prepared for colder days, so you can stay ahead of the crowd, and one thing people often leave until the last minute is winter-proofing their car. However, it’s much better to take preventative steps than repair things down the line, so here are a few ways to protect your vehicle.


Booking a service is an excellent way to take care of your car, and it should be carried out annually. However, most of us only have it done when having a MOT, although servicing can be of great benefit to both new and old cars. Depending on the level of service, it may include:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Checking levels on things like antifreeze
  • Tyre check
  • Light check
  • Testing and inspection of brakes

These are all important things to carry out before the weather changes, and when you book a service, it all gets done in one go, so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Check your battery

A common cause of breakdowns in winter can be the battery. We all know how annoying it is to not be able to start your car on an icy morning, and the combination of cold weather plus running your heat and light more often, can kill off an older battery. A garage will be able to check your battery and advise whether it needs replacing.

Check your tyres

Old tyres can be extremely dangerous in icy weather, and with Britain increasingly suffering long, snowy winters, it’s essential to get them checked over and replaced if necessary. If you’ve got a car with towbars and will be pulling a caravan or trailer, their tyres should be checked too. The right pressure and decent tread will ensure a safe braking distance, and you might also want to switch to winter tyres when it’s particularly cold.

Keep an essentials kit

Breaking down in wintery weather can be particularly inconvenient, as it means being stuck in the dark and cold waiting for help. Make sure you have a blanket, torch, phone power bank, and even some snacks to make the wait less difficult. All drivers should carry de-icer and a scraper as soon as autumn hits, as you never know when the temperature might drop.

Make sure your car is covered

From comprehensive insurance to excellent breakdown cover, spending a few extra pounds each month can make life a lot easier if you have an accident or breakdown. Nobody expects to skid on an icy road or get stuck by the side of a motorway, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took time to ensure you’re well-covered.

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